Monday, December 21, 2009

The 12 Accessory Days of X-mas

On the first day of x-mas my true love gave to me....

Ok, we're not going to turn this post into a song but here are over 12 accessory gift suggestions that can be found in our store. With only 3 days left till x-mas we know that some of you out there may still be needing some gifting suggestions!

A feather headband...for that classy dressing niece

Rose earrings...for the ladies in your Gardening Club

Re-usable mug sleeves....for your coffee time pals

Recycled Silver pendants...for your eco-conscious cousin

Feather hair combs...for your sister who insists on always wearing something in her hair

Red Rose necklaces...for your mom who loves romantic jewellery

Green & red jewellery...for grandma who loves to wear festive "bling"

Silver jewellery & card case...for your business woman friend

MP3 player cozies....for that hard-to-buy-for teenager

Woodland themed jewellery...for your animal lovin' Auntie

Sparkly gemstone jewellery...for YOU who's into the "Winter White" look this season

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