Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Part #1

Does your special someone adore hearts, cupids, love birdies & such?

Look no further!

This Valentine's Day we have you covered for Romantic themed gifts:

Go the extra mile by expressing your sentiments with a hand-made card...heck even if you didn't make it yourself it's still more unique then a mass-produced one!

No one will miss these rings on a finger: its a large vintage heart that reads"Our Hearts Beat As One"
Vintage Lovebirds brooch to adorn a favourite sweater or coat.

Heart chain & crystal earrings for a simple yet elegant statement.

Big 'n'bold Floral Heart necklace will def become a daily favourite to wear year round....the heart pendant is hand-poured resin, the necklace is made from wood & glass beads.

Spell it out with Hugs & Kisses Scrabble earring set!

This set is designed to come apart so you can wear it as a double necklace (as shown above) or seperately as a bracelet....it's made with genuine crystals too!

Vintage pendants-on-a-chain sets abound: Heart Poodle, Sweetheart Dove & Heart Swirl....take your pick!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love is in the Air!

We're featuring a small sampling of our perfect gifts for Valentine's Day in our window. With 20 designers overall, and 8 of them making jewellery each in their own distinct style, you're sure to find that perfect gift at Fresh Collective. We have free heart-printed gift boxes and handmade cards, so we're your one-stop shopping option. Many of our jewellery designs are one-of-a-kind, and very few of a kind. All our products are handmade in Toronto, and sold to you directly by the designer, so that alone makes it special. But our style ranges from pretty and classic to very off-beat, so you'll find that "something different" for your special gal. Many of our pieces are also upcycled- like Margie jewellery's silver pendants cut from vintage serving trays! Buttercup Days makes romantic vintage inspired pieces, from a mix of vintage and new beads and findings. Come poke around. We've got lots and lots in stock.