Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kitchen Cuteness!

Who doesn't want to look good in the kitchen?
These aprons by Desserts 'n Skirts make great gifts
whether the gift is for someone else or for you!

We've had a couple of people try them on as dresses over tights too!

They may be too cute to get dirty but fear not, they are fully
machine washable. So go on... sift that flour!

The half apron makes an excellent hostess gift
or is perfect for when you're throwing a party.

Were Seeing Green

Looking for a "Green" gift? Well your in "luck" here!
Whether its to celebrate St Paddy's Day, to give to someone who's down & needs a little luck or something green to chase the dark Winter Blahs colours away, we have something for that!

We have 2 styles of Clover pendants. One is a decorated domino. The other is a real four-leaf clover encased in glass & attached to a necklace. And if you want to go Clover-less but remain "green" well you have to check out this neat felted necklace!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better late then never!

Oh oh!
Did you forget Valentine's Day? Have regrets about that?
Never fear, we still have lots of great gifts at the store!

...such as this sweet Kitten Heart brooch!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas #3

Is your Special Someone the type who prefers unusual gifts? Wondering what in the world to give to them this Valentine's Day?
Look no further!

We have some "different-yet-fun" goodies to offer: Amoeba brooch, Skull/Heart pendant, Fuzzy ring, Anatomicla Heart domino pendant & a "WTF" necklace set!

Also have lots of "Things that are Red" options too: Flaming Heart & Thorns shirt (shown here as a backdrop) crystal necklace, Anatomical Heart pocket mirror & Heart with Poodle necklace....there's surely something to please that someone who craves unique (but not too crazy) things to wear!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas #2

Some people love to give or receive Valentine's Day gifts with a theme!
It's also alot of fun putting together gift sets so here's a few ideas we came up with for your special someone.....we've also included cards to "complete" the gift set. We def offer "One-Stop Shopping" for Valentine's Day!

For the Queen in your life:
Show her she "rules" your heart with crowns & rulers!

For the Sassy Lady: Deep romantic red flower (doesn't have to be roses!) pendant, Lady of the Night card & a pair of burgundy Hugs & Kisses earrings so she can tell you what she wants without saying a word!

For the one who insists on Luxury: You can def afford these diamonds! We have them on a card, button, domino ring & even on this necklace. The necklace features "raw" diamonds on silver hoops & is surprisingly affordable....come into the shop to see for yourself!

And for that Hopeless Romantic: Adorable Cherub card with a vintage Sweetheart necklace & pink glass earrings....we all know at least one "HR" person who would love to get these as gifts!