Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas #2

Some people love to give or receive Valentine's Day gifts with a theme!
It's also alot of fun putting together gift sets so here's a few ideas we came up with for your special someone.....we've also included cards to "complete" the gift set. We def offer "One-Stop Shopping" for Valentine's Day!

For the Queen in your life:
Show her she "rules" your heart with crowns & rulers!

For the Sassy Lady: Deep romantic red flower (doesn't have to be roses!) pendant, Lady of the Night card & a pair of burgundy Hugs & Kisses earrings so she can tell you what she wants without saying a word!

For the one who insists on Luxury: You can def afford these diamonds! We have them on a card, button, domino ring & even on this necklace. The necklace features "raw" diamonds on silver hoops & is surprisingly affordable....come into the shop to see for yourself!

And for that Hopeless Romantic: Adorable Cherub card with a vintage Sweetheart necklace & pink glass earrings....we all know at least one "HR" person who would love to get these as gifts!


avagdro said...

Adorable Valentine gifts presentation.Thank you for sharing.Wish you all a Joyful Valentine ahead.Cheers!

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Anonymous said...
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